One Hour Game Jam Submissions

Vidja with haste

For the One Hour Game Jam I typically use a variant of Game Maker, mainly 4 since it's the last version without a paid equivalent. I'm by no means an expert at game development so take this with a pinch of salt.


6/1/2019 | Jam #214 (Ice) | Download | Unlicense/CC0

This has been my most promising stab at the 1hgj. I've since reimplemented it a couple times in Game Maker 5 and Game Maker 4 instead of 8.



6/29/2019 | Jam #218 (Lasers)

I had uploaded this to, but in the process of moving it over from there I think I lost the files. Not a huge loss, considering how it turned out as more of a joke game than anything.