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ClassiCube (Wii)10 viewsMore info at ClassiCube.net, it's Minecraft Classic on the Wii!55555
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Wyse CX012 viewsBack side, showing: 2 USB ports, Ethernet, DVI, PS/2 for mouse and keyboard, AC adapter, and Kensington lock. Date of manufacture September 2012.00000
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Wyse CX06 viewsThin client by Wyse from FGTC. More information on this model.00000
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Cyberdog19 viewsFloodgap on Gopher loaded on my Power Mac G4 under Mac OS 9 and Cyberdog. Done up originally for a dev.to post about the Gopher protocol00000
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Oddity Archive on WiiMC8 viewsFeaturing sensor bar infrared! For how to get YouTube working on your Wii using WiiMC, check this out: https://rc24.xyz/services/riitube.html00000
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webpc15 viewsLong live the WebPC! It defined summer 2021 without a doubt. Something happened since, and now the PSU fan sounds like a jet engine. I hope to fix it someday. A Micron Millennia carries its legacy (and XP install) for now.

Update, as of March 9, 2024: the WebPC HAS BEEN FIXED! I bought a replacement power supply off of Fleabay (as it is not a standard form factor) and this solved the issue completely. I look forward to using it again.
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Fresh Windows 7 install on the R61i17 viewsTime for some toolbars! >:)00000
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Installing Windows 7 on the R61i9 views00000
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Installing Windows 7 on the R61i12 views00000
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1919, Debian and R61i hdd14 views00000
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R61i ThinkLight 9-5-2215 viewsThe ThinkLight on this model has a nice, amber hue. On the screen is actually a remote desktop session (Parsec on a Q4OS host) of my desktop (running Windows 10 and Retrobar). 00000
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Internet Explorer 811 views(Windows 7)00000
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R61i disc drive writing12 viewsBrrr....00000
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Writing a DVD22 viewsWindows 7!00000
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Desk on 12-3-2225 viewsMaybe not the best illustration of my desk setup right now but it'll do. HP ProDesk desktop, Samsung TV for monitor, Redragon K556, MX Master 3S mouse, Samsung Galaxy Tab A (thinkpad x230t pen), Nikon S6300 and battery charger, phone wireless charger (though there are wires, because it has a micro USB port o_O), Dell UltraSharp secondary monitor for my laptop of choice & thinkpad charging cable. + lens cleaner, keys, tv remote00000
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