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Leonard6 viewsSome hasty doodlings of my genet character for the Pinède quest I've been exchanging with Cammy. I put him in a lightning mage fit but I think Mikko (mountain hare) is that? It's all good it looks cool :')

I do think I'm on the cuff of some style changes, I've been wanting to fiddle with how I draw eyes some.

Norwegian forest cat Lince21 viewsDoes it count as Lince if he's not a lynx? I can't be sure, but he's good at the mage thing. 4-30-23
The Ultimate Showdown17 viewsEVERYONE IS HERE (3/11/2023)
10-18-22 sketch page scan5 viewsAn October page of sketches. Ft. Cedrus sporting a fantasy tunic (Pinede form!), Collie, Gerald (the Gruslen), Beo (Tyrannian Bori) and another Cedrus just chillin out.
Xnopyt7 viewsPinede Cedrus from a Magma/drawpile session we had on 1/2/23
Tunic/Pinede Cedrus6 views10-9-2022, getting a bit better at dynamic poses.
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