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Discord Addons

This page is a work in progress, but some content is available.

Mario Kart Wii Rich Presence Redux

GitHub dotcomboom/MKWii-RPRedux
Platform Windows 10+
Version 1.1
Download via GitHub

One for all you Wiimmfi players- this is a rich presence so you can show that you're in a lobby playing Mario Kart Wii. Support is limited for the custom distros- gonna be able to show original tracks only. The 'Redux' comes from how this used to work via a Python script, but since added flood protection, I had to rewrite it to function with a mini web browser.

More information on an earlier version of this site.

Weather Rich Presence

GitHub dotcomboom/
Platform Python 3+

I made this Weather rich presence in an afternoon in case you don't mind sharing to the minute weather information for your city to all your Discord contacts. It uses the api of, which is a delightful little terminal weather applet. Try running curl in a command prompt sometime.


GitHub dotcomboom/Croissant
Platform Python 3+

SUPER old Discord.js bot. It had a few cute features, like being able to see recent participants of a conversation with verbosity, Google Translating things to amusing degrees with engrish, generating ASCII art text with figlet, grabbing Neocities stats with neo, and even accessing Gopher sites with gopher. You could probably fit some of its features into a properly updated Discord.js bot if you wanted to.

All things considered I'm still proud of the features I threw into it, I feel like it was decently unique.