Name Description Version
AutoSite A static site generator with a full desktop editor. 1.0 Gold
Tomate Simple pomodoro timer app for Windows Mobile and PCs. 1.0.1
ppc; wm; xp+
Pituophis Access and serve up data through the Gopher internet protocol. 1.0.1
python 3.7+
mkwii-presence Show lobby stats on Discord while playing Mario Kart Wii online multiplayer. 0.9.1
python 3.?+
Spotlight Extractor Grab the Spotlight photos on your Windows 10 lockscreen. 1.1

These programs are retired, but still available to download on their GitHub pages.

  • Download Organizer - WPF program that organizes your downloaded files by type
  • Launchdeck - Program launcher for classic Windows
  • Gopherit - Gopher client that uses curl and a web browser control

Web Stuff

I maintain this software repository and archive with a selection mainly focused on Windows 2000 and XP. Submissions are readily accepted.
A YouTube downloader that works on RetroZilla, and Opera Mini on Windows Mobile phones. Download videos in wmv and mp3 format. (Hosted on Replit; requires HTTPS.)
I use this myself quite a bit along with standalone youtube-dl and youtube-dlg on XP, and I hope to improve the scalability a bit in the future.
Try the Gopher internet protocol in your browser. Powered by Flask and Pituophis.
Gophermap Editor
Web-based Gophermap making thing, uses jQuery
Memorize It
Helps you memorize lines and passages! Type what you need to memorize into a Word document, upload it, and get a printable version with every first letter.
Made in 2022, while in Drama.


Obsidian (5-9-2020)
Webgame made in Construct 2. Moving the paddle around and using the scroll wheel to rotate, form and collect as much obsidian from the water and lava particles as you can in a minute. Use the left mouse button to collect, but watch out for lava. Also available on itch and newgrounds.
gm8ice, gm5ice, gm4ice (2019)
Prototypes made in Game Maker, vaguely inspired by Ice Penguinz on the late MyGameBuilder. Includes project files. gm8ice was initially a 1HGJ entry.
One Hour Game Jam entries page (archived)


Donkey Konga 2 Modding
In Summer 2020 I took up an interest in working out how to get new scores into Donkey Konga 2. No full chart has come out of it, yet, but I made some progress and I hope the information is helpful.
TrackMania Nations Forever Replays (archived)

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