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A subset of my daily notes, of things I find online. Updates periodically.
(Dates represent when the links were recorded, not necessarily when brought to HTML and posted here.)

> January 2021








I must say, looking at StumblingOn, the Somnolians and I turned up with very little of worth. Whether it's people going on about Vim and Linux with little personality aside from "Ooh! Privacy is cool!", complaining about politics, or sites everyone's already seen (like Project Gutenberg, which is great and all but really not "indie"), at least right now. This was kind of a blackpill for me, because it just seems that in 2020, people aren't interesting anymore. The past week I've been really wanting to be a proponent of personal sites, from how, as you may have noticed from these logs, I had been exploring a lot of the old, amateur web from MIT student pages to GeoCities.

I don't know. There are interesting things out there online. I swear there are still interesting sites. I don't know if I'm in denial, or what. The webring format doesn't seem to work anymore, because making a website at all now is a niche to the point where making ones for specific topics would be just futile.

That said, that got me wandering the XXIIVV webring again, which I would say has been the most successful of them, because it's not exactly entirely all up in the air what the sites are about and people do seem to deeply care about their craft. Either that or the GitHub pull request requirement filters out most of the boring stuff.

Personal sites are neat are when it's not just noise and more brimming of personality and cool stuff. There indeed are some really nice ones, and if I didn't see something good in them I wouldn't have went on the web garden ramble a bit ago. So, I'll be acknowledging some of those that I discovered today because if we're gonna make the web interesting again, it ought to be through hyperlinks, what it does best.

So yeah, this'll be the first time portions of the Captain's Log are up to the public too, so with any luck I will continue building up links, with or without comments. The reason why it hasn't been up already is finals, which are just about done now.




Why did Caesar throw out his sandwich? It was a gyr old.





I got curious and went looking for some more universities that still have web hosting for students/faculty.