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Just a rebel and a fool

Hi, I'm Eric. I run this site and do the things. I'm into computer science, old technology, photography, listening to music, and light gaming. I keep myself busy working on schoolwork, doing things just like this, playing games, and making a fool of myself on Discord. Elsewhere, I'm known as dotcomboom/dcb and metalynx nowadays.

And my favorite color is blue, thanks for asking. Favorite animal? Just take a good, solid guess. >:3c

If you want to reach me, see below. I don't bite, I think. Email's preferred for anything formal (my mailbox gets rather lonely at times), but I'm frequently available on Discord also.

Music tastes

Currently listening to: Silversun Pickups

Vibey stuff (dream/bedroom pop) Vansire, boy pablo, Castlebeat, Sunset Rollercoaster, Far Caspian, Blisstonia
Alt/pop rock Shaimus, Bee Gees
Chiptunes and VGM Fearofdark, virt, Kulor, et al, C418, Disasterpiece - FEZ Soundtrack
Lo-fi beats to study to 24/7 live stream Nujabes (homework edits and such, also these neat medleys by Shayu)
Fellow lads! Ratified State, aphrodisiac

This is not the extent of my listening, just selections of it. I tried my best at categorizing them. Take a look at my Discogs wantlist/collection, which has some more bases covered.


Currently playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (more details to come)

Contacts and where to find me
(and probably more)