About dcb

At times like these, I think I'm on my own
A new self-portrait of my own

I'm dcb, just a lad from Minnesota who likes lynxes. I'm into computer science, photography, listening to music, and light gaming. I keep myself busy working on schoolwork and fooling around on Discord. Alternate nicknames include metalynx and zealynx.

If you want to reach me, see below. I don't bite, I think. Email's preferred for anything formal (my mailbox gets rather lonely at times), but I'm often available on Discord also.

Music tastes

Vibey stuff (dream/bedroom pop) Vansire, boy pablo, Castlebeat, Sunset Rollercoaster, Far Caspian, Blisstonia
Alt/pop rock Shaimus, Bee Gees
Chiptunes and VGM Fearofdark, virt, Kulor, et al, C418, Disasterpiece - FEZ Soundtrack
Lo-fi beats to study to 24/7 live stream Nujabes (homework edits and such, also these neat medleys by Shayu)
Fellow lads! Ratified State, aphrodisiac

This is not nearly the extent of what I listen to, just selections of it. I tried my best at categorizing them. Take a look at my Discogs wantlist/collection, which has some more bases covered.


Around now the most gaming I've been doing is Neopets and the occasional rounds of Simcity 4 and Mindustry.

Contacts and where to find me

Blog: https://dotcomboom.somnolescent.net/patio
GitHub: https://github.com/dotcomboom
Repl.it: https://repl.it/@dotcomboom
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcJaViQaecAirZKIQeF2Qgw
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/86753538@N02
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/user/dotcomboom

(and probably more)