AutoSite Devlog #6: Work Continues

It’s been forever! The last devlog was all the way back in early April, before I quietly released RC3 in May. Since then AutoSite’s stayed mostly put while I’ve tried out other things. That said I’ve got kicked back into my stride and work goes on.

Quick Insert

A brand new menu has been added that can be brought up with Control+Space or Control+J that gives you a quick list of attributes you can reference and define.

Tidying and streamlining

Some dialogs and message boxes are being revised somewhat to be (I’m hoping) clearer. These include the phrasing in the message box that comes up for a Sanitary Build and the Insert Conditional dialog.


New conditional help text has been brought to the Quick Insert menu, making the old dialog explanation a little redundant:

And it’s more to the point, I think. The old explanation seemed a bit long-winded to me.

If you have any suggestions for how I could improve this further, let me know.

Minor editor tweaks

The editor will no longer automatically indent existing lines. This got annoying for me and maybe other people too idk

Testing it for yourself

I don’t remember if I actually pointed this out before in a devlog, but I’ve got AppVeyor set up to build AutoSite whenever I push out new code. What this means for you is that you get to test stuff out on the bleeding edge today! Seeing as I’m currently torn between a new RC and waiting to release a final version 1.0 (I’ve still got some plans before then), the next release may not be for a while.

Everything’s packed in a zip file just like a normal release. Just grab at Remember though that fresh builds can be buggy while I’m working on stuff.

If you run into troubles or just want to suggest something, I’ve now set up issue templates on the source repository. If you don’t want to use them that’s fine too.

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Tent (sketch)

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Liquid Crystal

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Remember Gravatar?

Apparently I do, and seeing as WordPress sites still integrate quite a bit with it I decided to set one back up.

Of course, the most popular use of Gravatar was just for having a consistent internet presence across multiple, even independent sites (unfortunately social media won out in that respect), but it also had a pretty competent profile system. You can still see Matt Mullenweg’s here.


I did run into some issues, though. Unfortunately, YouTube linking was broken, Flickr linking was no longer there, and I could only add site domains so adding the Patio itself as a website was a no-go.

AIM was still listed as a contact option but not MSN, and it’s not possible to add your own fields.

Oddly enough they actually do have options for adding Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin addresses to your account, so someone out there must be updating this site, right..?

Despite the lacking number of services to pair it with now and the weird little quirks I’ve had with it, I still quite like Gravatar’s profiles and if it had some more services to link to (namely GitHub, Flickr, and fixed YouTube, custom fields would be nice as well), I could consider mine complete. With its option for adding photos to your profile, it reminded me of the old MSN contact cards which looked quite comfy as well.

P.S. Hover on my Gravatar below, I got hovercards set up.

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Creek / Blue

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XP, anyone?

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Sunset on a summer night (8:55-9:10 pm)

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Been really liking these later sunsets.

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And we’re live

And it’s been a long time coming!
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AutoSite under Watercolor

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More WLM 2009 wrangling


(This is a follow up to my previous post about messing around with the current source for the Escargot server.)

Turns out the MSN itch never stops. I came across this thread on the MessengerGeek forums, which pointed toward ProxHTTPSProxy, a program that seems to fix many issues with Escargot and HTTPS sites in general on XP. I believe it’s a bit like WebOne in how you use it; except, that it runs locally, and still lets you use https:// urls as normal instead of serving as an http:// proxy.

Once that was set up, there was another change I needed to make in order for it to connect to my running server instance (which, with how I have it configured in VirtualBox, is the IP, as it’s referred to in my HOSTS file), and that was to make the proxy skip verifying certificates for those domains.


(I don’t believe this would be required outside of development when pre-patched installers come out.)

It was then when WLM could finally connect without spouting 80048862 or 80048820 errors, which for me was great to see, if only because I had never seen XP work right with Escargot in person before. To see 2009 will work on XP on release, while it probably shouldn’t be a surprise, is quite the relief. (And it also means I’ll be able to get Escargot 8.5 set up now on my own personal “XP machine”, a 2011 ThinkCentre Edge, in case I start using that full-time; part-time even.)


And honestly I’m quite excited about just how compatible 2009 looks to be with the utilities I use with WLM 8.5 now, with Messenger Plus! of course being available, and Craftplacer’s Messenger Activity Monitor (and other Messenger .NET-based projects) working just as well. Basically all of what I like so much about 8.5 is still gonna be here, like file transfers, handwriting and the games, and while I probably shouldn’t be surprised by it all still being here, as far as I can tell 2009 is mainly just more of what I like about MSN and I’m thrilled for that.

I’ll still need to contain that excitement as support isn’t out yet, but Soon™. Soon™ for sure.

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