Emesen 0.05 (still not 0.1)

And I didn’t think I’d continue working on it. Crazy, now it’s actually shaping up to be a “real theme!”

Now the header (replacing the search bar due to it hanging out and laziness on my part when it comes to fixing it) and footer menu bars are functional and you can assign menus to them. How the actual content is laid out is kind of… meh, but there’s not much I can do at the time being. I keep trying to remove those darn bullet points from the sidebar, but nothing I’ve tried works. I’m probably missing something critical.

The MSN logo now links to the homepage of your site, and the admin bar actually shows up properly this time around. If you want to try it out for yourself (maybe fix it a little?) get the latest changes from GitLab. Maybe this theme will get to a point where it’s decent enough to be used on Escargot Spaces, who knows.

To do list as of the moment:

  • Remove the bullet points from the sidebar once and for all
  • See what I can do for making comments and BuddyPress not look bad
  • Change the MSN logo to the blog title or something, or find a way to get the set blog logo

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4 Responses to Emesen 0.05 (still not 0.1)

  1. Escargot Spaces Administration says:

    I love the theme already, really would love to use this here on Spaces. Keep me posted, this is awesome!

  2. iGiftedSpade says:

    That theme you are creating is coming out so good! loving the blue msn style. <3

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