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Ashens and Algomusic!

Here’s a fun fact: you know that opening jingle before every one of Ashens’ videos? I had learned recently that that was a clip of procedurally generated music, from a program called Dunc’s Algomusic MkIIIb. This kinda computer-generated music had … Continue reading

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Airck’s Perfect Pear Monopoly

Every harvest in Disco, perfect pears grow on all the trees. The town’s residents take pride in it, as like 99.9% of it is all just perfect pear trees and they’re really, really hard to miss by this point. Then … Continue reading

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Drinking fountains, and technology at its finest

These are man’s greatest invention. I stick my water bottle in front of the sensor, I just about misalign it and the water splashes onto my hand. I stick it in right, and it fills up, but it doesn’t stop … Continue reading

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Microblog – 1/22/2020

1/22/2020; Wednesday, 2:49 PM Hey, hi. Been a little while. I have now churned out some of the first major updates for the year, including a brand new about page and an index update. As well as that, I put out the first … Continue reading

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Microblog – 1/4/2020

1/4/2020; Saturday, 9:54 PM The past couple days, I have been working on a Discord rich presence application for Mario Kart Wii’s online multiplayer through Wiimmfi, a Nintendo WFC replacement. Despite how hacked together it is, due to the lack of … Continue reading

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Microblog – 1/1/2020

1/1/2020; Wednesday, 8:20 PM First post of the new year! Am still trying to get back to grips after all of the holiday nonsense. Photos from my walk yesterday are now here and on my Flickr, with some really nice sunsets. I fiddled … Continue reading

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