w2krepo, now on a new subdomain!

Since its inception, w2krepo had lived on my personal dotcomboom.somnolescent.net domain. I’m excited to announce that it now resides at w2krepo.somnolescent.net.

Moving the files was fairly painless, as the subdomain had been set up under my current FTP account. What was next was redirecting the old URLs to match the new domain, also fairly simple when you get down to it: just this .htaccess file in the w2krepo folder:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://w2krepo.somnolescent.net/$1 [R=301,L]

That left one thing: trying to get my root directory on the subdomain to display the builtin Apache directory listing was a bit problematic, so I settled on using a basic PHP script scraped from what I could find online:

$fileList = glob('*');
foreach($fileList as $filename){
        echo '<a href="', $filename, '/">', $filename, '</a><br>'; 
echo '<br>';
$fileList = glob('*.7z');
foreach($fileList as $filename){
        echo '<a href="', $filename, '">', $filename, '</a><br>'; 

It’ll work as a root for now, and I intend on messing more with .htaccess to get the subdirectories’ listings all prettied up as well.

For the future, I intend to get some sort of system up for user submissions, whether that be by anonymous FTP or an upload form, as well as some more information on the indexes and homepage.

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