FL Studio 10 acquired

I got hooked up with a box copy of FL Studio 10, which remarkably installed on the ThinkPad with no issues. I was a little concerned it wouldn’t run, as the system requirements stated XP or Vista and not 2000, but it installed anyway. I haven’t been able to make out whether it runs any worse than 7 on the Pentium M processor (the requirements stated a Pentium 4 or greater), but it appears to be working well.

What that means is that you could expect more demos coming from me in the future. The FL Studio 7 trial version didn’t support any project saving, which means should I come back to the demos I’ve posted previously, I’d need to reconstruct it from MIDI. Which isn’t impossible, just tricky to get the same sound, as knobs and plugin settings weren’t exported.

But anything I try out going forward is definitely gonna get saved, meaning I’ll be able to work on it after the initial export.

So, does that mean dcb slapcore soon? Maybe. >:3c

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