AutoSite Devlog #4 – Documentation stuff

I had actually started on this about a week ago, got tired and then accidentally slipped into a Neopets obsession. But I still have made a bit of progress with it.

Here’s an early screenshot from the 18th, when I wrote both of the current pages on [#root#] and [#path#]:

It’s pretty much law that I use a lynx for sample images by this point.

On the 19th, I added a nifty warning, since classless.css, the light CSS framework I’m using, has some basic card stylings baked in and I tacked on some more CSS for flavor.

After a short period of inactivity that brings us to today, where I hacked on classless.css a bit to give it a more characteristic theme, and I. (Zoomed out for the screenshot.)

Only the [#path#] and [#root#] entries have been written as of right now, and it’s all still very much incomplete. I’ve yet to figure out quite where to go with it and how it should be organized, though the styling part’s almost covered, featuring that small thing with the footer I’ve been wanting to do forever with an Apple iWeb-esque silhouette to say that hey, this was made in AutoSite.

I should say, one annoying thing about writing this was getting attributes to escape properly for the input examples. Using HTML escape codes like [ for [ would have easily kept Apricot from replacing it in an HTML document, but due to how I have CommonMark set up to process Markdown files internally, what would happen is that by the time Apricot came to start replacing attributes, the Markdown parser would have (for some reason that’s beyond me) replaced the escape codes with that they represented, meaning that Apricot would treat the examples like they were actual attributes. Annoying, and there’s little I can do about it.

How I worked around it was by starting the line with HTML, which kinda bypasses the Markdown preprocessor altogether. It’s a.. little messy, but it’ll work.

My nifty setup.

All this is now up on the Github repository, so changes going forward are incremental. I added the output folder to the .gitignore so it doesn’t get messy.

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