Chromium on Windows 2000

As a partial followup to my last ThinkPad post, here’s Chromium 34 (from 2014) running on Windows 2000.

It’s not the most ideal for daily use as it’s quite buggy, but it astonishingly does work. If you want to grab a copy, go to this place here run by a nice fellow. No installer, just a zip.

If you don’t have KernelEx on your install, I have that stuff hosted on w2krepo; you’ll want and Windows2000-UURollup-v11-d20141130-x86-ENU (Extended Kernel).7z. I’d suggest to get them installed in that order, as UURollup messed IE stuff up for me before I did install the latter. They’re both very useful updates/patches to have, and the same site has plenty of software that wouldn’t run on 2000 otherwise, such as Flash 29 (which, unfortunately, I haven’t gotten working as of yet) and a portable version of Firefox 48 (one I have not yet tried).

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