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AutoSite nightly builds now available

You can now grab the absolute latest AutoSite development build on AppVeyor. This has the latest features/fixes/bugs but does not represent the final RC. Everything that is included in a regular GitHub release is included here, including Core and Windows … Continue reading

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AutoSite Devlog #6

23 days without a devlog! But rest assured that RC3 is coming along, and it could be one of the largest RCs yet. Start Page A basic startpage has been added for when no sites are open. This replaces the … Continue reading

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Yurble moment

whoops I did a sketch.

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w2krepo: Media Player skins and more

I have now fleshed out the Windows Media Player section, available here. 6 additional visualizations (making a total of 16 packs) 183 skins (making up a total of ~314mb), including Beck 12 plug-ins I’d also like to note that most … Continue reading

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Photoshoot – 4/11/2020

9 shots added to the photography page and Flickr.

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Picture of the Day in PHP

I’ve been working on a revamp of my site! In doing so I’ve been practicing some PHP; one thing I wanted to do was have a randomized image on the homepage that would change every day. Looking around online I … Continue reading

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Photoshoot – 4/5/2020

Photography page has been updated with new shots: new stuff starts on the second row. Here’s a sample:

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2 years of dotcomboom, a visual history

The first version of dotcomboom (the site) was brought upon the world in March 2018. May saw the iconic(?) graph paper look (something I “borrowed” from the earliest site of an old acquaintance from earlier long-winded group stuff back in … Continue reading

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A collage of the personal web

Here’s a collage I did of the sites in the xxiivv webring. Screenshots were taken and downloaded using this script I hacked up: They were then fed into this collage maker script to produce the output. Some sites displayed as … Continue reading

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AutoSite Devlog #5 – RC3 progress update

Escaping attributes and conditionals I’ve implemented a new thing that’ll be coming to RC3 pertaining to escaping attributes and conditionals. It’s ultra-helpful for documentation, as I have had issues before in trying to keep samples from being processed by Apricot. … Continue reading

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