AutoSite Devlog #5 – RC3 progress update

Escaping attributes and conditionals

I’ve implemented a new thing that’ll be coming to RC3 pertaining to escaping attributes and conditionals. It’s ultra-helpful for documentation, as I have had issues before in trying to keep samples from being processed by Apricot. To escape, you’d add $ to the start of it.

$[]Escaped conditional[/path=]

To compare, here’s what you would’ve had to do before:



4/6/2020 – hahaha future dcb here! this broke my photography page that uses php so I removed this. sorry!

Modified dates

Yes, modified dates in AutoSite now! [#modified#] will spit out a date according to your system locale settings. I’ve been using this currently on my site.

Multiple display bug fix

There was a bug where if you had AutoSite open on a second monitor (or even just a higher-res display) and closed it, then reopened AutoSite where that point was not a part of your display setup, the window would be stuck off-screen with no easy way to bring it over. This drove me mad so I fixed it. 8)


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