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Another Picture of the Day script

Embedded like this: (If you need to display EXIF information or link to the original image, see this script instead.)

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IRC on Leopard

Since it was surprisingly difficult for me to find, here is LimeChat 2.26 on SourceForge. It’s not the last version that can run on PPC, but it’s what I could find an active download link for. I might sift through … Continue reading

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New Kicks

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Some ambient music picks

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The Triumphant Return of Pituophis

May is Gopher month, and Pituophis, a project I hadn’t worked on since last year has finally gotten some of the treatment it deserved. 1.1 is now out with a bunch of changes. I’ve refactored a ton of stuff, changed … Continue reading

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Patio, a la 2007

Updates to the blog! First off, a WAP version of the Patio is now accessible here. Put simply, it uses a lightweight variant of XHTML designed for earlier mobile phones and cellular networks. It uses this WordPress plugin. And also, … Continue reading

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