The Triumphant Return of Pituophis

May is Gopher month, and Pituophis, a project I hadn’t worked on since last year has finally gotten some of the treatment it deserved. 1.1 is now out with a bunch of changes.

I’ve refactored a ton of stuff, changed things around, etc. etc., and on top of that wrote a graphical Gopher client (in 200 lines!) to demonstrate it. Long timers may remember this essay I wrote on the Somnolescent blog mid-last year; while this doesn’t implement all that desktop integration stuff I’d love to see in a Gopher client eventually, it does implement the tree view part, at least partially. Consider it a proof of concept. Maybe not the most pretty looking thing in the world, but decently functional.

It doesn’t stop there though, as I caved and cleaned up Gophew a whole bunch, which is a couple of scripts for hosting a search-enabled server. It’s running on the new and rejuvenated Somnolescent Gopher server as we speak.

(displayed in OverbiteFF)

Looking forward to doing more with this protocol soon. It’s good to be back.

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