Remember Gravatar?

Apparently I do, and seeing as WordPress sites still integrate quite a bit with it I decided to set one back up.

Of course, the most popular use of Gravatar was just for having a consistent internet presence across multiple, even independent sites (unfortunately social media won out in that respect), but it also had a pretty competent profile system. You can still see Matt Mullenweg’s here.


I did run into some issues, though. Unfortunately, YouTube linking was broken, Flickr linking was no longer there, and I could only add site domains so adding the Patio itself as a website was a no-go.

AIM was still listed as a contact option but not MSN, and it’s not possible to add your own fields.

Oddly enough they actually do have options for adding Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin addresses to your account, so someone out there must be updating this site, right..?

Despite the lacking number of services to pair it with now and the weird little quirks I’ve had with it, I still quite like Gravatar’s profiles and if it had some more services to link to (namely GitHub, Flickr, and fixed YouTube, custom fields would be nice as well), I could consider mine complete. With its option for adding photos to your profile, it reminded me of the old MSN contact cards which looked quite comfy as well.

P.S. Hover on my Gravatar below, I got hovercards set up.

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