Converting video for the Wii’s Photo Channel

Wii Video 9 (nice title) didn’t want to work for me, so here’s a better way with ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i "gatogrande.mp4" -vf scale=-1:480 -c:v mjpeg gatogrande.avi

Videos don’t have sound, not sure which one I need to use, as it seems the default AAC codec ffmpeg uses does not work. Might update this post if I find out.

In any case, I’m happy to have finally got this elusive (to me anyway) feature to work: even the puzzle game works, and you can post frames to the Message Board and Wii Menu banner. The Photo Channel’s a lovely piece of kit, really. Good memories with it.

From the Wii’s manual. Apparently mjpeg .movs are supported. And ooh, .m4a audio support– glanced over that completely. 1.1 removed .mp3 support though too? For some reason? Legality? Nintendo says it’s because of quality, but why they removed the option is beyond me.

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