Google Maps on Windows Mobile: Still works!

Now here’s something pleasantly unexpected: Google Maps 4.1.0, from 2010, still works on Windows Mobile 6! I found this on, which to my delight still exists (Winmo software is hard to find!) and hosts mirrors of a bunch of software.

I have uploaded it to w2krepo (check out the new changelog). If you have any other useful Windows Mobile applications, drop me a line. I’ll be sifting around that site to find more stuff as well.

(If you’re wondering about the screenshots, they’re taken on the phone with SmartSS, transferred to the Storage Card and converted from bmp to png before uploading.)

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1 Response to Google Maps on Windows Mobile: Still works!

  1. Cammy says:

    Half impressed the app still works and half impressed you managed to get clean screenshots on a not-smartphone ngl

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