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This man burned a CD in 2021; You won’t believe what happens next

So around a week ago I decided to put together a mix CD. In part for myself to play on the CD Walkman I started bringing to school, in part because having a physical time capsule of my obsessive listening … Continue reading

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winvid – A slim YouTube to WMV converter

A couple days ago I hacked together winvid, a site that lets you download YouTube videos as 144p or 240p wmvs that you can play on Windows Mobile phones or other suitably older equipment. The backend is a very simple … Continue reading

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Why don’t colors say what they mean?

Blink is confusing. Continue reading

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Semester 1 Finals

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Rambling about digital gardens

I rediscovered “digital gardening” earlier today through a site on the XXIIVV webring–cultivating a sort of wiki for yourself, your notes, links, and whatnot. I’ve been seeing some really elaborate ones, and I’ve been thinking about it as I’ve been … Continue reading

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Tomate, a Pomodoro timer for your Windows Mobile

So, a few days ago I had an idea knocking around to make a Pomodoro timer. I’ve used Pomofocus every now and again but wanted to take a spin at it myself in VB. I was thinking of having it … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

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From the comments section of a 1996 drum and bass mix YouTube put in my recommendations (which I’ve been enjoying very much, going into the weekend!), I discovered Bryce: a fractal terrain generator, modeling program, and lost art. Surprisingly, there … Continue reading

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Google Maps on Windows Mobile: Still works!

Now here’s something pleasantly unexpected: Google Maps 4.1.0, from 2010, still works on Windows Mobile 6! I found this on, which to my delight still exists (Winmo software is hard to find!) and hosts mirrors of a bunch of … Continue reading

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Having to do some research for school and bored of just using the internet, I installed Encarta 99 earlier. It’s always been something of niche interest to me and I’d be more than happy to have some helpful information stored … Continue reading

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