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Google Maps on Windows Mobile: Still works!

Now here’s something pleasantly unexpected: Google Maps 4.1.0, from 2010, still works on Windows Mobile 6! I found this on, which to my delight still exists (Winmo software is hard to find!) and hosts mirrors of a bunch of … Continue reading

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Remember Gravatar?

Apparently I do, and seeing as WordPress sites still integrate quite a bit with it I decided to set one back up. Of course, the most popular use of Gravatar was just for having a consistent internet presence across multiple, … Continue reading

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And we’re live

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PhotoPage code released, site update in the works

Some big news today: One of my earliest true projects, PhotoPage is now open-sourced for posterity. I have been making preparations for v4. For the time being, all current site content is going to be at Here’s a … Continue reading

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IRC on Leopard

Since it was surprisingly difficult for me to find, here is LimeChat 2.26 on SourceForge. It’s not the last version that can run on PPC, but it’s what I could find an active download link for. I might sift through … Continue reading

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Patio, a la 2007

Updates to the blog! First off, a WAP version of the Patio is now accessible here. Put simply, it uses a lightweight variant of XHTML designed for earlier mobile phones and cellular networks. It uses this WordPress plugin. And also, … Continue reading

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w2krepo: Media Player skins and more

I have now fleshed out the Windows Media Player section, available here. 6 additional visualizations (making a total of 16 packs) 183 skins (making up a total of ~314mb), including Beck 12 plug-ins I’d also like to note that most … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day in PHP

I’ve been working on a revamp of my site! In doing so I’ve been practicing some PHP; one thing I wanted to do was have a randomized image on the homepage that would change every day. Looking around online I … Continue reading

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Photoshoot – 4/5/2020

Photography page has been updated with new shots: new stuff starts on the second row. Here’s a sample:

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Patio spring cleaning

Did some spring cleaning on the blog, including an upgrade to WordPress 5.4 (featuring a bunch of Gutenberg improvements, bless them), getting rid of some unused themes and a new URL:, as you may have noticed. If you linked … Continue reading

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