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Chromium on Windows 2000

As a partial followup to my last ThinkPad post, here’s Chromium 34 (from 2014) running on Windows 2000. It’s not the most ideal for daily use as it’s quite buggy, but it astonishingly does work. If you want to grab … Continue reading

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Information Superhighway

I have had this T41 running Windows 2000 for a while, but for the longest time I had a problem with the drivers for its internal Intel wireless chip. Its configuration embedded right into the Network Adapter properties window, which … Continue reading

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FL Studio fun on the ThinkPad T41

Just played around with SimSynth and delay. Recorded two channels live for 3:17 with (I believe) 1/4 step quantization. For it being me stumbling around on musical typing for a few minutes, it almost sounds like music, which is pretty … Continue reading

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