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Direct: 9/25/2020

I’m kidding about the title, don’t worry, you didn’t miss a Nintendo Direct. And even if you did, it’s probably just another Wii U port. This has been a quiet but certainly busy month from me, in regards to this … Continue reading

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w2krepo: Media Player skins and more

I have now fleshed out the Windows Media Player section, available here. 6 additional visualizations (making a total of 16 packs) 183 skins (making up a total of ~314mb), including Beck 12 plug-ins I’d also like to note that most … Continue reading

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w2krepo redesign complete!

I started reworking w2krepo’s styling back when I switched subdomains in February; finally I’ve come back to it and finished it up. That list you see is actually dynamically generated with some PHP code I pulled together from stuff off … Continue reading

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Chromium on Windows 2000

As a partial followup to my last ThinkPad post, here’s Chromium 34 (from 2014) running on Windows 2000. It’s not the most ideal for daily use as it’s quite buggy, but it astonishingly does work. If you want to grab … Continue reading

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w2krepo, now on a new subdomain!

Since its inception, w2krepo had lived on my personal dotcomboom.somnolescent.net domain. I’m excited to announce that it now resides at w2krepo.somnolescent.net. Moving the files was fairly painless, as the subdomain had been set up under my current FTP account. What … Continue reading

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