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This page is a work in progress, but some content is available.

Here's a sampling of notable videos from my YouTube channel. I don't often upload there, but when I do it's either camera footage, random technology videos or hilarious edits.

A Trip to Wilson Library

Recorded on a PowerShot A530 camera, this is 20ish minutes of footage investigating a quiet campus library during the summer session with a slideshow at the end.

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At 115 views as of writing this is probably my most popular video.
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The photos showcased at the end of this video.

Also, if you're more fond of it with music..

A Campus Walkabout

When I first got to college, I ran around with the flea market cameras I'd acquired that summer, a Nikon Coolpix S6300 and an HP Photosmart M517, taking pictures and filming a ton of the locales.

Technically, this bleeds more into Photography territory as it's a slideshow- but it's meant to be a time capsule of the gasp of time before the real work would start.

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It's really fun!
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The photos showcased in this video.

Featured Music

Nujabes Maple Medley - Sabyu
A really good tribute to Nujabes, whose work probably inadvertently started that whole "chillhop lo-fi hip hop beats to study to" genre on YouTube. He knew how to take a short phrase and make it near hypnotic (given how much I've listened to "Aruarian Dance" writing papers?) and Sabyu's arrangements bring them into harmony.
JJ's House - Alistair Lindsay / Frontier
Some classic RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 dance music.

Other Happenings

Hello from Cave Point
Enjoying some time in one of Door County, WI's county parks.
May 27, 2023
I dunno, just the Vincent Hall fountain. It speaks to me.
A squirrely pursuit
Watching a squirrel's antics outside the student union.

Screen Recordings

Professor Teaches Netscape Communicator (2000)
A two-hour course on how to use Netscape 4, you're welcome.
A variety of Gopher clients on Windows 2000
A demonstration of all the old win32 Gopher clients I could find (most from's Offbeat Internet).
oops installing windows xp
I streamed a Windows XP install (and updates, by Legacy Update) on an early 2000s Gateway laptop on Twitch. In lieu of a capture setup I just used a Logitech webcam faced towards the laptop display. My friends watching had a very good time.

For informational value, this video does include installing drivers with Snappy Driver Installer Origin and updating with Legacy Update. On the laptop.. I still can't get any audio out of it for some reason.