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This page is a work in progress, but some content is available.

This may be the project I am most "known" for. It's built a bunch of the sites here and I have used it myself on and off (the site you are reading now is me returning to it!).

AutoSite allows you to build sites with HTML and/or Markdown with some very simple templating capabilities. It's meant for amateur web authors to exercise full control over their layout while saving time from writing repetitive markup, trying to update navigation bars manually, or relying on scripts to do so.

If this sounds interesting to you, then cool! Read on...

Flavors of AutoSite


This version of AutoSite, sometimes dubbed by its build engine Apricot or former title "AutoSite XL", is the most mature and what you should go with if you run Windows or want a graphical interface. It contains a tabbed code editor and features that aid the development process.

It's the most polished and what I'd recommend you start out with. Check out the website and the thorough manual written by friend of the site mariteaux. Additionally, you can find a specs sheet on my old site.

Also! Like all of the projects on this page AutoSite is open source. I'll admit the Issues section behaves more as a hasty wish list, though I welcome any and all feedback.

AutoSite Legacy

This is the older, Python-based version of AutoSite. It builds in the command line only (like AutoSite Core of the above project), but it is cross-platform and I am currently bringing it back up to date as of writing. You might notice all those [#html_summary#] tags on the markup. That's as I am working on it with this site.

Here is the GitHub repository for source code and releases, and if you're feeling adventurous, here is the AutoSite page on my old Neocities site.

AutoSite '98

A novelty version of AutoSite, written in Visual Basic 6 for a special unreleased 1998 LARP-y version of dotcomboom. Incredibly charming.

Note that there is no recursive directory support for this version- you will have to wait until AutoSite '99 releases, which will include a fidget volume knob and an excessive amount of radio buttons to click on.

It's worth noting that the full AutoSite project will run on Windows 98 with only minor hiccups (no automatic explorer updating if a file is changed).